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From Caracas, Venezuela. Loves cooking, creativity and dancing. Can handle a table saw and sander as good as anybody. An expert at creating and capturing memorable moments.



From Conyers, GA. Wants to talk about anthropology, engineering, sustainability, philosophy, and creating things. Loves traveling, surfing, and board games with family.



I'm not good at these about me things. Mostly bc typing with paws takes 4 ever. I'm the head of security of this couple. My dream is to ride a fire truck and be the siren.


Alix and Tim found each other on Bumble on February 8, 2020. Their love story started with a clever invitation from Tim asking Alix to meet him and his friends, John and Camila, at Altantic Station for dinner. It was a long drive and a lot of risk for a first date.  He knew she would feel more comfortable in a friendly setting and he knew his friends were his best assets. Camila is from Colombia. The first date between Alix and Camila went very well :). After dinner they all played a game called Chameleon. Alix demonstrated her skills and joy for games with friends. And Tim was already falling for her by the end of the night. Alix says she was instantly attracted to Tim. Who knew online dating could lead to meeting your forever friend? In the following weeks, the couple wasted no time getting to know each other. Through lots of late phone calls and text conversations the early sparks continued to grow. Even peak rush hour I-85 traffic didn't slow the relationship down.

On February 29th 2020, Tim asked Alix to be his girlfriend. And yes, leap day is their official dating anniversary :). They danced salsa together for the first time one romantic evening at The Lake House soon after. Alix had a lot to teach Tim about dancing. And Tim had a lot to teach Alix about being unafraid to try new things.

Then Covid lock down happened. The Pandemic brought the couple even closer together. They both started working remotely. No more I-85 rush hour commutes. And more time together. Lots of trips to the lake house. And lots of time with friends. It didn't take long before they both agreed, the remote working lifestyle was what they wanted. The very same day Alix said she would search for a permanently remote job...Tim was sending links to RV's for sale. Alix was down. The idea of life on the road started to take shape. Somehow they knew they could live together - even in a small vehicle on the road. Even when they had been dating for less than a year. They shared a passion for creating memorable moments and they were both eager to discover what life on the road might be like...for better or for worse. After some consideration of RV's, they realized buying a van and building a home together is what they wanted to do. So on December 6, 2020 they found Hercules. The 2019 Ford Transit that became home. Alix moved into Tim's apartment. And they spent they next 6 months, everyday after work and every weekend designing and building the van. They had a lot of help by the way. From family and friends. John and Camila. Vijay and Rica. Tim's parents. Everyone they knew offered ideas, time, driveways and feedback in the process. Alix's parents were skeptical. The idea of living in a vehicle was a very foreign idea to them. They blamed Tim for the idea. Tim felt some pressure to provide their daughter with a lifestyle they would approve of. At the same time, it was an experiment in life. And an experiment they wanted to do together. The deadline to complete the van was June 14 2021. And that is the weekend of Hercules first road trip! They hadn't finished the water or propane hookups. But they had electricity and they hit the road. They had plans to meet Alix's family in Panama City, FL for a beach trip. First trip in the van. IT WAS HOT. But. IT WAS FUN. Tim and Alix learned the value of running water and a functioning oven. It was the difference between the feeling of camping, and feeling like you had a home on wheels. 

Tim and Alix "finished" the van and finally hit the road after a fun July 4th weekend with family at the Lake House. They sought to create memorable moments and to experiment with ways of living. They could fill a book with the moments created in the first year and a half together on the road. See their instagram @vanlibres for just a few select highlights of their story together.

Many friends have been made. And even more moments worth remembering. Alix and Tim both value family and friends above many other things in life. And they feel so grateful for the experiences and moments they have been so lucky to share with others. The adventures and the reunions. So many have already been had. And they look forward to many, many, many more. 

Alix and Tim are very grateful for all the people they get to call friends and family. They feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a great community and to be able to enjoy so many interesting experiences. 

So here's to forever creating memorable moments, with memorable people in memorable places. Here's to all of the people in our lives that make all of the experiences worth so much more. Alix and Tim are two happy individuals who happen to be happier together. And they are so grateful to be able to celebrate the next chapter in their lives, and create more moments with all of the really cool, really interesting people they get to call their family and friends. See you all soon at the wedding!

The Love Story

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